We produce local sports apparel of all kinds, even for teams competing in adventure races!

Sports Apparel

  • Sports apparel
  • Baseball jerseys
  • Soccer jerseys
  • Football jerseys
  • Baseball hats
  • Golf shirts
  • & so much more!
We produce all kinds of corporate apparel, perfect for every business.

Corporate Apparel

  • Corporate apparel
  • Corporate polo shirts
  • Company hats
  • Construction apparel
  • Construction logo shirts
  • Custom embroidery
  • & much more!
We produce custom logo and graphic apparel for every possible need!

Custom Apparel

  • T shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Baseball hats
  • Sweatpants
  • Sweat suits
  • Track suits
  • Head bands embroidery
  • Sweat bands embroidery
  • Socks embroidery
  • Letter jackets
  • Work jackets
  • Windbreaker jackets
  • & much more!



Ink is pushed through a stenciled screen then cured in a dryer. Each color is printed separately with it’s own stenciled screen. Best for medium to large orders with just a few colors in the design. 100% cotton, 100% Poly, blended garments and many other fabrics can be screen printed. Special effects like metallic, glitter, reflective, glow in the dark inks can be applied and withstand repeated washings. Cost is lowest with this process but there are limitations such as it only works on flat items and very small orders can be costly.


Much like your home InkJet printer, DTG sprays a liquid ink through a computer controlled print head. Can produce a full range of colors in one step. Ideal for orders of 1-12 items with many colors. It only works on 100% Cotton and best on white shirts. Cost is higher per shirt typically.


Instead of creating the image directly via screen printing or DTG, it’s created on a special vinyl that allows the image to transfer onto the garment when heat is applied. We can print colors onto the vinyl or use solid vinyl colors. Great for small orders, custom names and numbers and for those tough to print areas! The steps and materials involved can be expensive for large orders.

PLASTICHARGE (form of Discharge)

The process removes dye from the garment to allow us to lay down less ink to give the print a softer feel. Only certain garments work with this process and the garment must be dark colored.


Computer printer which uses heat to transfer or ‘release pigments’ directly from the solid to the gas phase onto the fabric. The benefits are full color, all over prints on small runs and very little change to the feel of the original fabric. White or light colored polyester garments only. Higher price per piece in large runs.


Threads are sewn into the garment by a computer controlled machine to create the desired image. Baseball caps, polo shirts, jackets and chest designs are typically embroidered. No minimum order and changing thread colors at no extra cost. Professional looking when used on the proper garments and a clear design. Tiny details do get lost and there is a digitizing fee.



We consult with you to see exactly what you are looking for and what you’re going to print the artwork on. We discuss the costs associated with a multi-color print job and how it looks on different materials. We brainstorm together to see what type of graphic you’re looking for.


Our creative process begins and we utilize our years of experience in the design industry to customize unique artwork made just for you! Depending on which package you chose, we will present you with 1-5 graphic options.


With your feedback, we finalize one design direction and alter the graphic with your feedback. Once approved we print on the selected material to the quantity you specified.


We deliver your product in a brown box 🙂