What’s so special about brown box tees?

We don’t like to toot our own horn, but toot toot ;-P We think we’re pretty awesome, and our customers agree. We pride ourselves on taking your vision, making it come to life (even more awesome than you imagined), and making the entire process as easy and painless as possible. But don’t take our word for it, stop on in and meet the crew (don’t forget pets for Doug the shop dog), and see for yourself. We’d love to meet you!

Do you have a showroom?

Heck yeah we do! And we’d love for you to stop on by and check it out! We’ve got the music up, doggo’s running around, and good vibes all over. Stop on in, we would love to show you our spot, some apparel options, our decoration styles, and get to know you and what you’re looking for! Our showroom is open by appointment only, contact us at (952) 595-6100 to schedule a time to visit.

What sort of sustainability standards do you have?

Here at Brown Box Tees we do truly care about this beautiful rock flying through space that we get to call our home. We know that screen printing can be very caustic to the environment, that’s why we’re always looking at new ways to protect our planet.

  • All of our plastisol ink is phthalate-free! What are phthalates? Learn More.
  • All of the screen cleaning products that we use are non-caustic, non-hazardous, environmentally approved, and RSL compliant. AND they come from our good friends right here in Minnesota – EasiWay – Check them out!
  • Our spray out booth filteration system has multiple levels of filters to make sure that no solids or harmful chemicals enter our drains. We go above and beyond the city and state requirements, because we care!
  • The toilet paper consumption is a huge contributor to excessive waste on our planet. That’s why we’ve recently installed a bidet! Never have our bottoms been so clean 🙂

What is prism ink?

Prism Ink is the newest decoration process from BBT! It is an amazing quality, eco-friendly (waterbased), long lasting decoration that allows for unlimited, amazing colors! Prism Ink is priced per inch & therefore a great alternative to Screen Printing, especially when you have multi-color designs.

What are your costs? Why can’t you just give me rough pricing?

We choose not to post our prices because there are so many dang variables, it’s just not conducive to the painless decoration process that we pride ourselves on. So often we give a ‘rough’ estimate before we know all of the details, or the client knows all that we can do, and that ends up convoluting the process. We want to make it as simple as possible, that’s why we’ve made the 1-2-3 step process!

How much do you charge for artwork?

Our artwork charge is $50/ Hour. If your job goes into production we will waive the cost of the first hour! Our artist is freakin’ amazing, so generally, mockups don’t take more than an hour unless its something super crazy. We prefer vector artwork if you have it – .ai (illustrator), .svg, .eps, & .pdf (editable & vector) are the best formats for creating badass artwork! If you don’t have those formats, we can re-create them for you and we’re not jerks, we’ll give you those files once your order is complete to use for anything you’d like 🙂

I'm out of state, can I still place an order?

Well of course you can! We ship things all over the country and all over the world! From students studying abroad in Germany and Venesuella, to swag for soldiers in Afganastan, so shipping to Montana is no problem-o! Our preferred shipping carrier is UPS. We can ship via other carriers as well – we have accounts with most of them. We can use your shipping account or ours. If you would like to use our account, we will add that cost to your final invoice. We also offer drop shipping! The first drop ship location is free per order and $3.50 for each additional location thereafter.

How fast can I get my order?

Our production, and ability to produce quality, cost-effective work, is based on the turnaround times designated on our home page – which is updated as production times change. It is imperative for us to adhere to those schedules to effectively produce orders at the quality and cost you’ve come to expect from us. If we do have projects that fall outside of that 5 day turnaround, we do offer rush options, reach out and let us know your timeline and we’ll see what we can do. 

Can I provide my own apparel?

You may provide your own shirts, but do we get fantastic special wholesale pricing! We do prefer that we order the apparel so that we can guarantee the source and quality. We require visual, in person inspection of all provided items before agreeing to decorate them. The provided material must be brand new, never washed, and must have original manufacturer tags attached that include the fabric makeup, wash instructions,etc. We reserve the right to refuse any provided apparel we do not feel comfortable printing. We are not responsible for any damage to provided apparel. 

Do you have screen charges? Or additional, hidden, line item prices?

When we provide you with a quote it is the price per item, all in. No additional taxes or fees. We take all of our costs, including screens, your shirt, decoration(s), everything and put them into our custom made-in-house (Matty P!) quote calculator. We give you the price per item and once approved, we’re on our way!

What is Freight Advantage?

If you are a wholesaler or have a wholesale account with an apparel company, and you’d like to order from them, you can have it drop-shipped to us. Freight Advantage is S&S Activewear’s program which, if you qualify as a distributor or decorator, you will receive free shipping when shipping to any other Freight Advantage Member. Brown Box Tees is a Freight Advantage Member, if you qualify, please make sure to use the following receiving address exactly as it appears:

Brown Box Tees
℅: [**Make sure to put your name, company, and/or Job Info here!**]
5708 Upper 147 St. W., STE 104
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Why the name Brown Box Tees?

It’s a half funny, half embarrassing story. When Mikey was coming up with the company name, he had something like 24 hours to pick a name. Having never ordered wholesale apparel before, he thought all the boxes came in the standard cardboard brown. It wasn’t until everything was filed and solidified that he finally realized a vast majority of boxes come fully printed white or black. Ok, mostly embarrassing ahhaa. It’s not about a color, or a name. It’s what you build and what it stands for.