For Sale: 1994 M&R Challenger II 12 color, 14 station Automatic Press. 

Price: $8,000 OBO

Year: 1994Volts: 110
Amps: 5
Cycle: 50/60Hz
Phase: 1
Model #: CH14-12R
Schematic #:
Machine #: 1096
Order Info: 93874-0 Line No.: 1
Size: 17’ x 17’ Physical Size
State/Province: Minnesota, USA
City: Apple Valley (St. Paul) 55124

 Press features single / double index mode, oversized printing arms for extended print sizes, easy 110 volt plug, fully pneumatic press. Many updated parts, including fully rebuilt  PLC by M&R in 2018. Comes with 1 retractable flash unit and 1 standing flash unit. Also includes 1 full set of 16X22 pallets, 8 squeegees and flood bars and other spare parts. Numerous minor parts were replaced
and the machine was cleaned thoroughly and re-wired before disassembly.

This price does not include freight. However, it does include crating!
Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.
Price – $8,000 OBO